Agreement with Federico Del Vecchio Bank

Federico Del Vecchio Bank is making a new contribution to support local cultural institutions, and the Vittorio and Piero Alinari Foundation will reap the benefits, thanks to an agreement on displaying art.

The agreement stipulates that seventeen pieces of artwork and valuables belonging to the foundation will be exhibited in Branch 5 of Federico Del Vecchio Bank, located in via delle Panche 65. Sculptures, paintings, lithographs, furniture and handiwork will be on display in the evocative atmosphere of the Florentine bank for the next 6 years. Among the objects displayed, outstanding pieces include a bronze sculpture of Vittorio Alinari made by Alimondo Ciampi, and the ‘Scena dell’Inferno dantesco’, a charcoal drawing with a dedication written to Vittorio by Giovanni Fattori.